Pureed Ready Meals - Level 4 (or Texture C)

Pureed Ready Meals

Oakhouse Foods provides a delicious range of puréed meals, made with quality ingredients and beautifully shaped to provide a nutritious and satisfying meal. We have 37 dishes to choose from including chicken, beef, lamb and vegetarian recipes. We also offer a tasty selection of desserts. 

For those with a smaller appetite, or looking for a light lunch or supper, our Puréed Mini Meals are ideal. 
All our puréed dishes are made for Level 4 (previously Category C) diets with a guaranteed smooth texture, and so are the perfect solution for your restricted diets, in particular, dysphagia patients. You’ll find they are some of the best-value puréed meals on the market too.

You can view the entire range on the puree meals page

Our Service

We deliver direct to your door, so all you have to do is order your meals and our delivery drivers will bring you your order on our regular delivery day to your area.

As always, you can order online or just give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to take your order. We also like to help out where we can and our drivers are always happy to pack your order away in your freezer.

In addition to our puréed ready meals range, we also offer nearly 400 delicious recipes that cater for all non-purée dietary requirements. So everyone in your household can enjoy Oakhouse Foods delivered!

In addition to your weekly meal shopping, Oakhouse Foods also provides a full range of groceries, just to make life a little easier. And we deliver that too, naturally.

You can browse the whole range on our main shopping page

A little extra

If you are not sure what to order or you’d like some help with your special dietary requirements, our customer service team is always happy to help you pick your meals. You can find your local branch’s contact details in our branch locator.