Special Requirements

Take Control of Your Diet


At Made For You, we know eating well is important for good health, so we make sure there is something to suit all special diets specifically for those who suffer from swallowing difficulties known as dysphagia. Many of our customers both need and want to avoid certain foods, therefore we have developed a wide range of meals suitable for different tastes and dietary requirements. We also have some easy to use tools to help you identify the meals that suit you best.

Dietary Symbols

Our dietary symbols can be found next to applicable dishes, to help you with your meal selection.

Special Diet Lists

Whether you need to reduce the amount you eat of a certain ingredient or avoid a certain food group altogether, Oakhouse Foods has made it easier for you by grouping together meals suitable for your special dietary needs. Use our handy tool at the side of the page when shopping. If you log in to your account, we will remember your dietary preferences. You can change these whenever you want!

Meals for those with swallowing difficulties

Made For You follow the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) to provide nutritional Pureed, Minced & Moist and Soft & Bite sized meals, making mealtimes enjoyable, convenient, and safe.

We have a wide range of over 50 Level 4 Puréed main meals, mini meals and desserts, 7 Level 5 Minced & Moist main meals and 15 Level 6 Soft & Bite-Sized meals and desserts suitable for those looking for a safe and delicious meal solution for those suffering from dysphagia.

The food consistency for all our meals are specific to whichever diet you follow. All our Puréed meals, Minced & Moist meals and Soft & Bite-Sized meals are visually attractive and cooked in a homemade style only using natural ingredients, as we know the importance of appearance and flavours of normal food.

Access Support

To ensure you are properly supported, we look to provide materials that make your life easier.

Below you can find our large print order form and cooking instructions. Just click the links to download.

Alternatively, we can post any of these for free by calling 0333 433 0509.

Large print order form

Large print cooking instructions

Dietary Summary Guide