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Soft Ready Meals Delivered

Here at Made For You Softer Foods, we believe that everyone should look forward to tasty, nutritionally balanced soft food meals.
That’s why we have created Made For You Softer Foods, a brand-new range of meals created for those with chewing and swallowing difficulties.

Our range of meals are made to home-cooked standards, are tasty, full of flavour, plus they are perfect for any meal occasion throughout the whole day.
This means that you can enjoy delicious ready meals are part of a soft food diet.

We deliver 15,000+ delicious ready meals every single week.


Level 4


Our Level 4 dishes are puréed and smooth with a consistent texture. As well as being packed full of flavour.

Level 5

Minced & Moist Meals

Our Level 5 Minced &Moist meals require minimal chewing but come with a more varied texture.

Level 6

Soft &
Bite-Sized Meals

Our Level 6 Soft and Bite-Sized meals are suitable for anyone who enjoys their meals a little more tender and easier to chew.

What are the main reasons people need soft food?

The main reason is usually an underlying medical condition

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) is a symptom and there are many causes in adults and children.

Across the world, 590 million people are living with dysphagia and 40 million of them are in Europe.

You can find out more by visiting our dedicated Dysphagia Blog


Medical Conditions that could cause swallowing difficulties:

Dysphagia can affect both adults and younger people. Here are some of the common medical conditions which would benefit from soft frozen ready meals:

Strokes, Breathing Difficulties, Infections, Learning difficulties and Dietary issues to name just a few. 

You can find out more by visiting our dedicated Dysphagia Blog


Level 4 - Puréed Food - Best Sellers

Level 5 - Minced & Moist - Best Sellers

Level 6 - Soft & Bite-Sized - Best Sellers

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